Musik aus dem Studio Franken


zaterdag 21 oktober


13.05 bis 14.00 Uhr, Bayern 4 Klassik
Mit Rainer Kretschmann
Adrian Willaert: "Vecchie letrose"; Antonio Vivaldi: "Armida al campo d'Egitto", Sinfonia; Claudio Monteverdi: Alle danze, alle gioie; Claudio Merulo: Canzone Nr. 18; Biagio Marini: Suite, 2. - 5. Satz; Giovanni Gabrieli: "Sanctus"; Canzon Nr. 2; "Magnificat"; Antonio Caldara: "Der Triumph der Unschuld", Soll die Wollust ihr Gift versprühen; "Oratorium für die heilige Franziska von Rom", Ja, weint, schmerzerfüllte Augen; Antonio Vivaldi: Violinkonzert F-dur, 3. Satz, R 293





Hierbij het programma dat Collegium de Dunis zal zingen op de provinciale koorwedstrijd op 22 oktober om 14.00 uur in het Concertgebouw van Brugge:


Pastores dicite - Cristobal de Morales

O magnum mysterium - Adriaan Willaert

Sancte Deus - Tomas Tallis

Vinea mea electa - Francis Poulenc

Pater noster - Jules Van Nuffel

Ad te levavi - Ludo Claesen



Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2006




22 October - 26 November.
An excellent launching pad for specialist Danish groups.- The Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival is the most important early-music festival in Denmark and that with the longest tradition.


The festival represents an excellent launching pad for Nordic groups specialising in this repertoire, even though the line-up always features interesting groups from all over Europe. The 2006 Festival consists of 15 concerts, as well as a variety of cultural events timed to coincide with this period. The Danish ensemble Ars Nova Copenhagen under the direction of Paul Hillier opens the Festival on 22 October in a program including Masses by Palestrina and Byrd.

On 25 October the viola ensemble I Petrarchisti with Ute Goedecke will present a program of madrigals. The Italian ensemble Tetraktys with Jill Feldman presents works by Dufay and his contemporaries on 28 October. The following day the Lithuanians Jauna Muzika and the Danish group Musica Ficta will present a joint program featuring Venetian music by Willaert, Gabrieli, Guerrero, Vivanco and others.

The duo Janice Santos-Michael Spengler (harpsichord and viola da gamba) will perform a programme of works by Philips, Cabezón, Ortiz, Mayone and Grandi on 4 November, followed on 6 November by the young Danish group Kantus Kobenhavn in works by Monteverdi, Grandi, Rovetta and others. The English group I Fagiolini under its director Robert Hollingworth will perform an all-Monteverdi program on 12 November.

Two days later Capella Hafniensis, a Danish group consisting of eight voices, will perform works by Vincentius Bertholusius, Bartholomaeus Stockmann and others. The Norwegian harpsichordist and Bach specialist Ketil Haugsand, will present a program of Renaissance and baroque music on 18 November. The soprano Maria Cristina Kiehr, with Mara Galassi, and Dolores Costoyas, will give a program of Renaissance songs on 19 November.

On 22 November the Swedish group Laude Novella perform a program of medieval songs, while on 25 November the Danish group Desperando Spero will give a program of renaissance dances. The festival concludes, on 26 November, with a program in which Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars, with Musica Ficta, perform works by Ockeghem (the 36-part Deo gratias), Josquin (the 24-part Qui habitat), Brumel (the 12-part Et ecce terra motus), Gombert (the 8-part Credo) and Tallis (his 40-part Spem in alium).

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2006


















Sunday Oct 22 at 16.00
Garnisons Church, Copenhagen

Vocal ensemble Ars Nova Copenhagen conducted by Paul Hillier.
PROGRAMME: G.P. da Palestrina (1526-1594): 8 spiritual madrigals w. texts by Petrarca (1304-1374) - William Byrd (c.1540-1623): Mass for 5 voices
Tickets: 80/50 (stud. og pens.)

Wednesday Oct 25 at 20.00
Literaturhaus, Copenhagen N

Ute Goedecke - voice, Birgit Osche, Oliver Hirsh and Mogens Rasmussen - viola da gamba. Søren Sørensen - readings.
PROGRAMME: Frottole and madrigals by Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Costanzo Festa, Cipriano di Rore, Orlando di Lasso a.o., with texts by Petrarca.
Readings of the texts in danish in a new translation by Søren Sørensen.
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Saturday Oct 28 at 17.00
Glyptoteket, Copenhagen

Jill Feldman - soprano, Marta Graziolino - harp, Silvia Tecardi - viella, Kees Boeke - recorder and viella.
PROGRAMME: Guillaume Dufay (ca.1400-1474): Chansons
Tickets: 100/70 (stud.)

Sunday Oct 29 at 20.00
Holmens Church, Copenhagen

Vocal ensemble Musica Ficta, conducted by Bo Holten, and Vilnius municipal choir Jauna Muzika, conducted by Vaclovas Augustinas.
PROGRAMME: La Serenissima - Venetian double choir music by Willaert, Gabrieli, Vivanco a.o.
Tickets: 120 kr.
In collaboration with Musica Ficta - Concert nr. 12 in Musica Ficta's serie "Musikkens Renaissance x 13"

Monday Oct 30 at 20.00
Sankt Johannes Church, Copenhagen N

Vilnius municipal choir Jauna Muzika conducted by Vaclovas Augustinas.
PROGRAMME: East European Renaissance music by Orazio Vecchi, Luca Marenzio, Waclaw of Szamotuty, Mikolaj Zielelenski, Paulus Bucenus Philorodus and Marco Scacchi
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Saturday Nov 4 at 15.00
The City Museum, Copenhagen V

Janice Santos - harpsichord, Michael Spengler - viola da gamba
PROGRAMME: Instrumental music from the Renaissance and the Early Baroque by Philips, Cabezon, Ortiz, Mayone, Grandi a.o.
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Monday Nov 6 at 20.00
Sankt Johannes Church, Copenhagen N

Anna-Carina Sundstedt - soprano, Elenor Wiman - alto, Mathias Hedegaard - tenor, Björn Ross - bas, Fredrik Bock - theorbe, Janice Santos - harpsichord/orgel, Michael Spengler - viola da gamba.
PROGRAMME: San Marco - Mottetti concertanti by Monteverdi, Grandi, Rovetta, Rigatti a.o.
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Wednesday Nov 8 at 20.00
Literaturhaus, Copenhagen N

Miriam Andersén - voice and harp, Irene Spranger - renaissance traverso, Fredrik Bock - guitar and lute, Poul Høxbro - pipe-&-drum, percussion.
PROGRAMME: Songs and dances from the renaissance
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Sunday Nov 12 at 20.00
Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen

Vocal ensemble I Fagiolini, directed by
Robert Hollingworth - continuo, Eligio Quintiero - theorbe, Joy Smith - harp, Peter Spissky and Bjarte Eike - violin.
PROGRAMME: "Flaming Heart" - madrigals and opera music by Claudio Monteverdi
Tickets: 150/100 (stud.)

Tuesday Nov 14 at 20.00
Skt Ansgar Church, Copenhagen

The vocal ensemble Capella Hafniensis conducted by Ole Kongsted.
PROGRAMME: Vocal renaissance music from The Baltic Sea area
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Saturday Nov 18 at 17.00
Medicinsk Museion, Copenhagen

Ketil Haugsand - harpsichord
PROGRAMME: Music by Frescobaldi, Byrd, Philips a.o.
Tickets: 100/70 (stud.)

Sunday Nov 19 at 20.00
Christiansborgs Slotskirke, Copenhagen

Maria Cristina Kiehr - soprano, Mara Galassi - harp, Dolores Costoyas - lute.
PROGRAMME: Music around Laura Peperara and the court in Ferrara
Tickets: 100/70 (stud.)

Wednesday Nov 22 at 20.00
Literaturhaus, Copenhagen N

Ute Goedecke - voice, harp and shawm, Aino Lund-Lavoipierre - voice, Per Mattsson - viella, Per Wikström - trombone.
PROGRAMME: Piæ Cantiones (E)
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Saturdag Nov 25 at 15.00 ?

Allan Rasmussen - organ and harpsichord
PROGRAMME: Peter Philips, Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck, Giles Farnaby, William Byrd og Thomas Tallis
Tickets: 80/50 (stud.)

Sunday Nov 26 at 20.00
Holmens Church, Copenhagen

The vocal ensembles Musica Ficta, directed by Bo Holten, and Tallis Scholars, directed by Peter Phillips.
PROGRAMME: Polyfonic giant pieces for up to 40 voices by Ockeghem, Josquin, Brumel, Gombert and Tallis
Tickets: 150 kr.
In collaboration with Musica Ficta - Concert nr. 13 in Musica Ficta's serie "Musikkens Renaissance x 13"